We offer a full-service solution to your equipment requirements. After all, we are an equipment leasing specialists with over 10 years of experience, and a presence in over 7 countries, with 11 operational offices.
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Ready for FUTURE

Any leasing company can offer a lease rate factor with a quote. However, we believe that leasing is much more than a form of financing. We offer leases so that you don’t have to worry about the costs, face scarcity of ownership, and other hassles attached to owning the equipment.

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Equipment Leasing Specialists
Latest Equipment

Our equipment is fully up-to-date, with competitive refreshing strategy in place.

Online Information

Information about your leased asset is available online, in downloadable format.

Upgradable Technology

Readily upgradable technology to match with your requirements.

Easy Disposal

Simply return the equipment to us for disposal.

Transforming Business Processes for Over 10 Years

By using our equipment leasing experience both for established companies and for new starts, you can have the equipment that you need now, but spread the repayments over say three or five years.

Low Rates/Flexible Terms

Our rates are best in the Industry, which makes it a reasonable and price effective choice from the ground up.

Fast Approvals

Nothing is more tiring than a time consuming process. We have streamlined it for quick approval.

Better than a Bank

Going to the bank and getting your equipment financed is a lengthy process. Ours is easier and simpler.

Global Solution Provider
Easier Disposal

We understand equipment disposal better than anyone out there. With us, it is completely hassle-free, easy and data secure.

No Maintenance Cost

Owning a piece of equipment comes with lots of maintenance. Leasing it is simpler and easier. Plus, it’s on us.

Hassle-Free Replacement

Worst thing is when you want to get something done and the equipment doesn’t work. We make sure you get easy replacement when they don’t.

We Have A Plan To Get You Started

Our aim is not just to see your business thrive, but to see you at the apex level becoming the leader in a competitive environment. And we know how important it is to have flexibility in leasing the equipment for the long run.

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